James McDivitt saw a white cylinder with a cone at the end, while out in space. I think he had too much "G" force. The thing he described sounds like PART OF HIS ROCKET to me.

To validate all of the above, the TV commentator then says "In 1990 50% of the people polled believed in UFOs." If you want to believe, I guess you'll believe. They even have UFO clubs! (kinda like Trekkie clubs) They have PICTURES, you say. The pictures are usually out of focus. (to mask the "Made in China" usually found on "authentic" UFO photos.) Out in Las Vegas someone took a video of 3 lights moving around. WOW. Hey this is big! Na. It looked like the lights of 3 fireflies to me. A two dimensional picture has no depth perception.

Get this. Ed Walters out in Gulf Breeze Florida, (where there are 3 military bases with extensive air traffic) took a picture of his patiolights, out of focus, and stirred up so much hysteria in his neighborhood that they started up MUFON. (Mutual UFO Network) That's right. If you take a close look at the pictures taken by Ed Walters Nov 11 1987, the object looks like the kind of patio light that you hang around your patio except, once again, greatly out of focus. Hey , if you want to see this kind of stuff, then head out for SOUTH SHORE LINE PARK! This is supposed to be a MAGNET FOR SKY WATCHING! Like I said earlier, if you really want to see something there, then you probably will. The other "sighting" was from Belgium. It was a formation of 3 lights moving together. Did anyone say that this just MIGHT be A PLANE, with a light on each wing and another on the nose? Here's the big discovery! In July 1991 they found a planet 10 times the earth's size, 30,000 light years away! They think life MIGHT BE POSSIBLE, on that planet. How can the scientists make such a far flung hypothesis? If that planet does indeed exist, it is too far away to gather the data necessary to make such assumptions. That's like saying "Elvis might be alive." People also claimed to see "lights moving at unheard of speeds and odd angles." First of all, no footage was shown to prove these claims. Secondly , let me ask you this. Have you ever seen spotlights shining on the underside of clouds? If you are in the city, it is easier to detect that these are INDEED SPOTLIGHTS, because the pollution will make the "beam" show up, but in rural areas, on a fog free night, a convincing UFO display can be fabricated with a few spot lights shining up on the undersides of cumulus clouds. Do you want to see the UFO make right angle turns? Just jerk the spotlight around frantically. Do you want to see it hover in one place? Leave the light on and go for a coffee. Do you want multicolored lights? Use color filters. THUS ENDS THE "EVIDENCE" OF CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIRST KIND.


They presented only two types of physical evidence. Hold onto your seat!
1) Crop circles.
2) Mutilated farm animals. If you believe that this is hard and fast physical evidence of UFOs, then I have some Everglades property that I want to sell you. All right, I'll get into it a little deeper.

In mid 1970's CROP CIRCLES which were "pressed into the crops" started showing up. In spite of what the commentator said, crop circles could be created numerous ways. If a helicopter



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