now, by Whitley Strieber. Whitley Strieber is LIVING proof of how convincing a scam can be. A known science fiction writer, Strieber convinced the public that he was also an abductee. He made it to all of the big talk shows to promote his book and it was a hit. I picked up his second "true" book, "Transformation" When I started to read this book, I began to believe that he was either losing his mind or was dealing with demonic spirits. When I voiced my opinions, however, I was quickly informed that the whole thing was nothing more than a hoax which he used to sell his book "Communion". Well. I should have known better. The man was a science FICTION writer. I think you get the point though. The EXAMINER, SUN, and ENQUIRER always show these pictures of creatures with big eyes, gray skin and small mouth. So if I wanted to deceive you, I could tell you that I was taken on a space ship and saw men about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall. They has large eyes, gray skin, and a small slit for a mouth. They lied me out on a metal operating table and inserted a needle into me. HOWEVER IT'S ALL A LIE. So just because everybody tells the same story, it doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

Then these story tellers go way "out on a limb" to hypothesize that these "aliens" want to mate with the human race or want our resources. They are getting way ahead of themselves, on this stuff! First they'll have to show me convincing evidence that there is something unusual in the sky first! If you don't believe that John Carpenter was deliberately planting ideas, then consider this. A reason why everyone gave the "same boring details" is BECAUSE HE ASKED THE SAME LEADING QUESTIONS. Let's take a look at how easy it is to ask leading questions. (psychics ask these kind of things all of the time to tell fortunes.)

1)Q: "What time did you notice before your missing time."
A: "2 pm"
2)Q: "What time did you notice after your missing time."
A: "3 pm"
3)Q: "Where were you when it happened?"
A: "On the road"
4)Q: "All right, Do you want me to walk you through that experience over again?"
A: "OK"
5)Q: "Do you see lights?"
A: "Bright lights"
6)Q: "Are they moving?"
A: "Yes"
7) Q: "Are they over your head?"
A: "Yes"

These possible questions look innocent enough but they make assumptions and plant ideas. First of all, these people may have been going in ONLY for a routine session and happened to mention that some time slipped away. Then the interrogation begins. Secondly, time can be easily misplaced. How many times have you looked at your watch, only to find out that an extra hour had slipped away? The only way to say for certain that such a thing really happened, is to CONTINUOUSLY HAVE YOUR EYES ON YOUR WATCH. "Where were you when it happened?", implies that something indeed did happen, even though time may only have slipped away. "All right, Do you want me to walk you through it?" Here's where the




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