suggestion really comes in. The suspect doesn't know for himself what has really happened, on the day in question, so the hypnotist "helps" them. When the subject says "OK", it verifies to the hypnotist that he has a willing subject , because an unwilling subject can't be hypnotized without the use of strong drugs. From this point on, the imagination of the subject, sparked by the questioning of the hypnotist conjures up all kinds of images. Maybe the subject only fell down drunk at the side of the road, to awake an hour later! The lights he sees overhead are car headlights but the thought of lights over their head begins a half conscious "dream state" where fact and fiction begin to get muddled and mixed. The metallic operating table may only be the cold roadside and the aliens "standing over" might be just grade school children, who are curious and are standing over. The subject may indeed end up in an examining room AT THE LOCAL HOSPITAL. So now you have it! No alien. No abduction. No spaceship. Also consider the following quote taken from....

Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia ,Volume 13, page 333
"Hypnosis can produce a deeper contact with one's emotional life, resulting in some lifting of repressions and exposure of buried fears and conflicts. This effect potentially lends itself to medical and educational use, but it also lends itself to misinterpretation. THUS , THE REVIVAL THROUGH HYPNOSIS OF EARLY, FORGOTTEN MEMORIES MAY BE FUSED WITH FANTASIES. RESEARCH INTO HYPNOTICALLY INDUCED MEMORIES IN RECENT YEARS HAS IN FACT STRESSED THEIR UNCERTAIN RELIABILITY. FOR THIS REASON A NUMBER OF STATE COURT SYSTEMS IN THE U.S. HAVE PLACED INCREASING CONSTRAINTS ON THE USE OF EVIDENCE HYPNOTICALLY OBTAINED FROM WITNESSES,although most states still permit its introduction in court."


As far as I'm concerned, there was nothing to cover up and so there is no "government coverup", but for the sake of this paper, I will expound. As far as the testimony of George Knapp Las Vegas(KLAS TV) ,I'm only convinced that he is an attention getter. He claims a coverup by the government, and that the CIA is involved with aliens but he never produced any evidence on the program.

Guy Kirkwood, claims to have seen UFOs, in 1953, AFTER 19 DAYS IN THE AIR. First of all, he was sent up to LOOK FOR UFO's. Secondly he was flying at jet speed for 19 consecutive days. If that wouldn't cause HALLUCINATIONS, I don't know what would. He claimed to see a "36 FOOT OBJECT CLOSING ON YOU AT SEVERAL THOUSAND MILES AN HOUR" Well, how long would you be able to see a 36 foot object approaching that fast? Stretching it we will say that you could see the object which was "2 miles to the west" (Remember, this object is only 36 feet in size) If the object was traveling 3600 miles an hour, that would be 1 mile per second. So he was viewing it for 2 seconds. However, he goes into an elaborate description of the maneuvers of this craft! ."then broke formations and were above you and below you" As I said earlier, if you really want to see something, you will. He was sent up to find UFO's. In his mind, he did. 19 days of high stress from jet



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