travel coupled with pure oxygen and the desire to find UFO's produced the desired result. Now he says that the government fired him to cover up UFO's. I think they didn't want him to hurt himself! It can be dangerous flying while hallucinating! So who else claims a government coverup?

Robert Lazar CLAIMS to have worked for a company called S4 and claimed that they had alien vehicles at S4! The commentator admitted that Lazar couldn't prove his association with S4 though, but that didn't stop the producers of this TV special! They still wanted his story. They could find his name in a Los Alamos laboratory phonebook! However, S4 had no record of his employment. Lazar claimed that they had "classic flying saucer" UFO's on the premises. His description of the vehicle proves what I said earlier about publicity. Lazar only reiterated what was said by other UFO "observers." The term "flying saucer" has been used for at least 35 years. Since ,Lazar could produce no concrete evidence, to back his claims, or even his association with S4, his claims are not credible and no one should waste any more time with him.

Closing Conclusions

Here was the final hypothesis presented by the commentator. "UFO advocates have put forward one engaging theory. It states that "We are being methodically conditioned for the eventual revelation that alien life forms do exist" ".............................. "and when the day finally comes and the facts are made public, the shock to our collective system would be minimal." So are we being conditioned? YES. So what is the hidden agenda, which I have been hinting to, throughout this paper? Namely it is this. There seems to be a direct connection between the New Age movement and UFOs.Shirley MacLaine in her book OUT ON A LIMB made it very clear that these "aliens" had landed on the earth for the good of mankind. It is no secret that Shirley MacLaine is a New Ager. According to MacLaine, these "aliens" speak the same language as New Agers. According to Maclean, these "aliens" speak of man ascending to the level of "godhood". According to MacLaine, they teach eastern meditation techniques, out of body travel, and "regression into past lives" through the use of hypnotism. Not only that, but the very same occult tools used to conjure up past lives, namely hypnotism, is used to conjure up these "aliens" These "aliens" are very much like the "ascended masters" of the New Age doctrine in that they are supposed to be advanced and possess vast supernatural "knowledge". With the help of these "aliens" MacLaine claimed that she and her friend could drive a car without holding onto the steering wheel! She claimed that they guided her on an astral journey to the limits of the solar system. She consulted "spirit guides", who are supposed to be ancient deceased beings with vast "divine" wisdom, for advice! As far as I'm concerned, both her book, as well as her movie were works of science fiction used to push her New Age doctrines. These reports on UFO's are also the same.I know what you're probably saying. " Shirley MacLaine isn't representative of the New Age movement." "She's just a quack." I beg to differ.



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