Being very outspoken and prominent, Shirley MacLaine is most definitely THE spokesperson for the New Age movement. With at least 2 books and a prime time movie, it is evident that money magnets are financing her projects. Also consider this. No one from the New Age movement has denounced any of her claims and beliefs. Combine that with the use of hypnotism, to conjure up aliens, and the association becomes clear.

Before I go further, I need to explain the true motives of the New Age movement. To most New Agers or "globalists" ,as they are sometimes called, it is no secret that a "New World Order" is top on their agenda. A "one world" central government, as well as a "one world" religion and banking system is a part of that order. According to sincere New Agers, there will be no more religiously motivated wars and the one world government will be used to redistribute wealth so that no one will go hungry . Their utopian vision is only a facade for the real motives of the power hungry, money hungry fiends who seek total control of the world's money and natural resources and suppression of religious freedoms to attain that goal.

A one world government will mean that control of the entire world resources and power will rest in the hands of a few elite men, men who will become so puffed up with pride that they will demand the worship of the masses and will desire to exalt themselves, if possible, to the level of God Almighty, the Creator of all things. Those unwilling to submit and worship these few will be executed. So what key role might these "aliens" play in the formation of the "New World Order"?

New Agers have already said that they will unveil their New Age "messiah". Back a few years ago, they took out full page ads in major New York and London newspapers announcing that their "messiah" was already on earth. They gave this obscure individual the name of "Lord Matrieya". Now I would expect that the one world ruler would come out of the ranks of famous kings, rulers and presidents. However, New Agers have chosen this unknown character. Why should they expect that the whole world will follow this newcomer? Possibly MIRACLES!

Right now, the media is setting us up for the day of his coming. Remember the words of the commentator? "We are being methodically conditioned for the eventual revelation..." Stories of crop circles, lights in the sky, and bloodless farm animals are being blown right out of proportion. On the world scene, stories of flooding, drought, famine, worldwide depression, and global warming due to ozone depletion are being disproportionately played up. I saw it in the paper the other day. The scientists admit that they overestimated the ozone depletion which was "supposed" to take place this winter. Yet we are daily subjected to stories of world calamity.



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