An Expose' on "In Search of Human Origins" from PBS NOVA (specifically on "Lucy" the missing link?)

Don Johanson narrator and archaeologist
"In the remote past, more than 3 million years ago, a tiny female lived by a lake on the edge of the lush forests of Africa. She was part ape/part human."

Thus was the opening statement of the PBS Nova program. The narrator said those words with confidence as though, in HIS mind, it was an open and shut case, but the conclusions and methods of his "science" are being questioned in this report. It would seem to me that anyone seeking funding, for purposes of exploration, could be guaranteed sufficient funding only if a "rare find" of a "missing link" could be proved, and I think that his "documentary" may have achieved that purpose.

Johanson first claims that he found, what "looked" like, the skeleton of a human knee. Note Johanson's clever play on words. According to Johanson, it only LOOKED vaguely human. "looked vaguely human , but how can that be. I needed a expert."

So the expert that he picked was Owen Lovejoy, an anatomist, part time forensic scientist and an expert on animal locomotion.

Lovejoy: "and I knew instantly. That was a human knee."

Lovejoy never said that it "looked like" a human knee, but that it WAS A HUMAN KNEE.

So then Johanson stated the following question. "What was a modern looking human knee doing among fossils that were millions of years old?"

In making such a statement, he made 2 false assumptions. #1 That it was only human "looking". #2 That the fossils nearby were MILLIONS of years old. Even though his expert insisted that the knee was "human" Johanson wants to continue calling it "human looking". As to the age of the nearby fossils, let's look at how the age was determined.

Johanson:"We can't date fossils directly, but we can date the ash. We know that any fossil found beneath it is at least that old."

So here we see that the fossils themselves were not tested for age, only the ash on top. Seems like a likely supposition, but a few thousand years of wind/water erosion and rain could have easily displaced the fossils.... AND were those fossils actually found UNDERNEATH the ash? Maybe not! Note the following....

Johanson later in the report said "any fossil we found nearby." could be dated by the age of the ash. ANY FOSSIL NEARBY ? There could be a hundred different things that moved the fossils, especially since the fossils were found NEAR THE SURFACE of the ground, and some were IN FACT partly visible, without even digging! Animals, humans and wind, among others, come to mind as things that moved the fossils. In his report, Johanson later said that porcupines were known to collect and move bones around.

Johanson CLAIMED to find a good portion of the entire skeleton.

Johanson:"The knee. It was modern, human like just like the one I found the previous year." (There he goes with that human "like" again.)

Johanson:"Lucy turned old predictions upside down" "Here was the skeleton of a creature that looked like it could walk like us, but with many apelike features."

No, what I believe Johanson found was the human knee of a dwarf or child among chimpanzee fossils. He later admitted that Lucy COULDN'T walk like us.

Johanson:"The evidence wasn't quite adding up. The knee looked human, but the shape of her hip didn't. Superficially her hip resembled a chimpanzees, which meant that Lucy couldn't possibly have walked like a modern human."

So what do you do when the evidence doesn't add up? You tamper with it!

Johanson: "Lovejoy decided that he could restore the pelvis to its natural shape. He cut the damaged pieces out and put them back together, the way they were, before Lucy died."

NO, NO,NO, not "the way they were" but the way that Johanson wants us to believe they were!

"It was a tricky job, but after taking the kink out of the pelvis, it all fit together perfectly."

Tricky indeed, but trickery would be more appropriate here!

"As a result, the angle of the hip looks nothing like a chimps, but a lot like ours."

Of course, after you tamper with the shape , you could make the shape of the fossil look like anything you want it to look like. First he claimed it looked like a chimps knee, but now, after tampering, he says that it looks more human. This is NOT science, but SHENANIGANS!

Johanson:"The pelvis was in fragments. It took hours to piece it together."

You see, in the first place, the "skeleton" was frequently in pieces no bigger than my thumb. Then they put it together the way they thought it should go together, but they didn't see the "missing link" that they were looking for, so the "expert" came up with an elaborate EXCUSE for the "kinked" pelvis, and then cut it up again and put it back together in such a way to make the "link" theory plausible.


So what did Johanson really find? According to the documentary, there were many fossils scattered around of several different animals in the same area as "Lucy" and as I said earlier, a chimps hip got mixed up with a human knee; hardly enough to make up the elaborate STORY on human origins that Johanson came up with! It was impressive computer graphics ,acting and costumes though!

Today, CONTENT no longer matters; only PACKAGING. If you can make your presentation LOOK good enough, then maybe people will believe it. Why must mankind continue to deny the existence of GOD and continue to fabricate such lies? Because man is a sinner and does not want to be held accountable for his sin. He would rather wallow in the mire of his darkness and be left to live like an animal, because he believes that darkness will hide his sins. That is why he wants to believe that he is the descendent of animals; so he can live like one.

Dan Laskowski

An addition added in 2002

With modern DNA technology, it is no longer necessary to ASSUME that the bones are all of the same individual. If a small sample of DNA is extracted from the center of each bone in question, then the matter would be settled. If the DNA was the same from all of the bones, then we could safely say that they were from the same individual. If the DNA sample is only taken from the outside of the bones, then cross contamination is possible, because many of the bones were close to each other.

Finding a hunched over skeleton doesn't prove a "MISSING LINK". There are many elderly and crippled people that die every day with a hunched over skeleton.

I don't believe that "Lucy" is a space woman or a missing link but just a pile of bones.