According to the program, ALL of those claiming abduction by aliens had the following in common. 1) They had "missing time", which really means that they CAN'T REMEMBER what really happened, sometimes as long as a few hours. 2) They ALL had to be hypnotized.

So let me guess what happened. These people may have bumped their heads or passed out from drug overdoses and said "Where am I?" "How did I get here?" "Where was I?" Now for a drug addict or alcoholic, this wouldn't be anything so spectacular, that they should land a spot on prime time TV, but because these people subjected themselves to hypnosis, now they're celebrities! John Carpenter, introduced as a "psychiatric hypnotherapist" said that his subjects always tell the "same boring details" When he spoke the second time, he wasn't introduced at all, but he was easy to recognize. He made wide flung theories regarding the alien's use of "tracking devices" "We're looking at something which is more like what we do with wildlife. It's..It seems scientific. It seems research oriented. It seems like there's a real important purpose behind it and not to interfere or destroy us. But in terms ,that we have something that perhaps they need and perhaps they're helping us in some way." Quite a mouthful for a "hypnotherapist"! Was his interest strictly therapeutic or was he really a UFO "expert"?

I mean, before John got a hold of these poor unsuspecting subjects, they didn't know a thing about their "missing time" and then they pop out of hypnosis with the revelation that they have been on an alien spacecraft! What I'm saying is this. Was this really hypnotherapy or was it hypnosis? Under the influence of hypnosis were these thoughts PLANTED in the minds of these STAR TREKKERS? Case in point.. Jesse Long never remembered a thing about what happened to him as a child. Something was wrong with him, so he went for hypnotherapy. Now he claims that he has been on a spacecraft several times since 1956. What is his evidence? A sliver of glass! He claims that it has been in his leg since his was a young boy. So ,as a kid ,he fell on a pop bottle and because he was too young to remember, he now says that aliens planted this thing in his leg! What did scientific analysis reveal about the sliver? The commentator said it revealed "silicone and trace metals" but I think he read it incorrectly. SILICON is the main ingredient in sand, clay and glass. It looked like glass to me! If it was SILICONE, it may have been clear acrylic. Anyway, you won't be able to convince me that this thing was a sophisticated transmitter or homing device as others claimed it might be. So what is the real big proof that these are real abductees?

Once again, John Carpenter, supposed hypnotherapist, says that they all tell "the same boring details". The all talk about being transported by a "beam of light" and being examined on a "metallic operating table". Well one thing is for sure. After this program airs you can be sure that many more people will have the same story. What am I saying? I'm saying that I could even tell you a convincing story because the media has been reporting this kind of stuff for the past 20 years. I know all of the details. As a child , I was fascinated by this subject and read all of the books about Exeter , the Hills etc. I'm looking at a book , right



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